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I'm sore and still tired but no sickness yet Just wanted to query something had a dating scan on Monday 4th Feb and told that I was approx 6 weeks gestation heartbeat seen and length 3.1mm.Had a bit of a scare on Friday 15th and rescanned as precaution and again heartbeat seen very strong and fast and length 11mm, and told 7 weeks when I make myself nearer 8 weeks as of today Monday 18th!Let me know what your ex says when he reads this please lol.Take care Julie xxxxxxx Hi Laura My last two children's dating sacn put them about 10 days further on than my dates.Anyway, tell your ex that as you've not had sex with anyone else, it is his child and in today's age of DNA testing he can test to his heart's content once your baby is here and to stop bothering you about it x cx I've had two scans close together - on private and one NHS and they have put me 5 days apart. Often women ovulate 14 days before thier period is due.However I knew exactly when i ovulated due to temping and testing with OPK's and neither date is correct - I'm really due slightly later than the dates given. If you think there is a chance they may have calculated the dates wrong, ask them to re-check.One thing I have thought since finding out I was pregnant is that this is MY body and MY baby and if I say something isn't "right" I want it looked into..

-As you have had these scans does that mean you won't be having a dating scan at 12 weeks?I was dated slightly differently at my scans but neither time did they worry about altering my due date to reflect this. I know of quite a few women who haven't had their dates changed.At 20 weeks you could be a different growth size again.Don't get me wrong, where the heck would we be without the wonderful people behind the NHS?!BUT, they are not always right, despite what people may think. xxx Yes, the dates given aren't 100% accurate by any means ...So its definitely something worth bearing in mind and perhaps noting on your file or mentioning to your Midwife.Each baby has a different growth rate in utero and there are other factors that can make a difference.But thats not until 21st April when I make myself 17 weeks ! The NHS may have the equipment to detect things that we would never have known, but they are not you!My mum kept telling doctors that something just wasn't right with her baby and they ignored her, told her there was nothing to worry about and so she shut up because she felt as though she was just being annoying...on the second scan the scan person said he was sticking to his dates! i have gestational diabetes and low iron and have another scan on the 9th august to check baby size due to gestational diabetes Hope Ive given enough informations any any advise would be fantastic Yes they can be wrong, early scans can be up to 2 weeks out either way.If baby is smaller/bigger than average then the dates they are telling you may be wrong.

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