Absoulutly dating Hot auntys online mesg chat

When I saw him I was really disappointed because he put on lot of pounds.

He was slightly overweight before too, but now he was huge.

Now I'm a selfish bastard and I work to make myself happy and not much more. She realized she couldn't be without me, I realized I could be without her. Stream of consciousness Well, I cheated on my 5 year boyfriend we met in college and fell in love.

But very soon I started realizing that he was a very irresponsible and lazy person, after college he was jobless for an year, living with his parents, just sitting in the house, and chilling and eating because of which he gained so much weight.We think that even the most carnivorous customers might be pleasantly surprised by Kevin.After spending months creating the pie, it took almost as long to name it and after several office debates and plenty of umming and ahhing, we finally agreed on naming the pie Kevin after Kevin Keegan.But I never really had any fun since he was really huge and I weigh like 105 pounds.Then I met this guy who was taking a class with me, and we started hanging out.I was angry and felt like i deserved some TLC an someone who gave their attention fully to me, so i went to meet this other guy and although i felt bad about it afterward, i didn't feel that guilty. i thought "its no harm and what he doesn't know wont hurt him" but now i feel angry at myself for letting another guy get close to me when its my boyfriend i love.i just thought "serves him right for not wanting to come and see me" and so i met up with him about 3 times and each time it was when i was mad at my boyfriend. This other guy keeps texting me now to meet up again but am saying no. my whole life would be ruined and am telling you all out there, thats its tempting, but you'll regret it in the end.He didn't want to ask his parents since he was shy because he was already 27 years old. I started feeling if I marry him I will have to be the one supporting the family.He was still entirely dependent on them, even to pay his phone bills. I wanted someone I could look up to, not an irresponsible person. He felt like he had me wrapped up and that I could never leave him no matter what happens. I told him to lose weight, but he did nothing about it.I told him to find some kind of job need not be a great one.Just to make some money to pay for his gas and stuff, but he never really tried and he started borrowing money from me. I guess we had that understanding, but my own financial situation wasn't that great.

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