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For as long as Zayn Malik has been a celebrity, the media has been quick to point out his faith.

It's not just innocent mentions that Zayn is Muslim, the same way it might be if another public figure were Jewish, Buddhist, Jain, or Christian.

“I wanted women to come across as strong, not oppressed just because they wear a headscarf, not oppressed just because they choose to follow a certain belief system. It gets kind of nauseating when you have to read that over and over again. No drinking, no sex before marriage, up at the break of dawn to pray.

And I wanted them to be relatable characters despite their ethnic or cultural or religious origin.” There is one notable aspect of modern dating that is absent from Malik’s novel, and, likewise, Sofia’s dating book. It’s really very committed…’ Sounded more like she thought I should be committed.

For Malik, his religion has made him a public face of Islam, and his personal choices and actions are often related to the fact that he was born and raised Muslim.

In a web-exlusive segment recently posted to the You Tube channel, Bill Maher joked about Zayn Malik leaving One Direction.

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If millions of Directioners can see that, why can't members of the media? Sheep are not judged”), Sofia agrees to write a book about her and her friends’ experiences. “People were constantly asking me about the Muslim dating/life scene. ” After a few attempts at writing literary fiction, Malik became increasingly interested in writing a Muslim romantic comedy in the style of I wonder if the desire to write something light and funny about Muslim women’s experiences was born out of a frustration with seeing so many portrayals of Muslim women as subjugated or unhappy.“It’s partly that, but it’s also just this real discomfort and annoyance that there is so much of this othering of Muslims: ‘Who are they and what do they really think? ’ “Part of the fun of writing the book was just that it was telling people about a very normal Muslim existence and how these bigger issues filter into your life, but they’re not actually that big a part of it.After Maher's damning comparison, a petition garnered over 5,000 signatures demanding the HBO host "apologise [sic] for racist joke." #Respectfor Zayn immediately trended on Twitter."This is because Malik’s following keenly understands what polemics on both sides fail to grasp — that there is no dichotomy between being a pop superstar and identifying as a Muslim," the notes."You can be someone inspired by beliefs, but not constrained by the limits we impose on religious language, or the jokes we pull out of simplified views of those we choose not to understand."In the case of Zayn Malik, this means the media should respect his wishes that his religion remain a private matter.Zayn's faith is frequently brought up in articles about the pop star, even though it probably wouldn't come up in a typical celebrity interview.In a 2013 profile of Trisha Malik, Zayn's mother, the BBC carefully notes that she converted to Islam after marrying a British Pakistani man. Zayn has read the Koran three times."In a similar style interview that Harry Styles' mom gave to in 2012, the topic of religion never came up."Just tell me two things, Zayn: Which one in the band were you, and where were you during the Boston Marathon?" The latter questions was accompanied by a split screen of Zayn and accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev., a novel about one Muslim woman’s attempts to simultaneously navigate the dating and publishing worlds in London. With all this explaining I thought it’d be easier to just write a book about it.” Like her protagonist, Ayisha Malik lives, dates and works in London, and a colleague at Random House also recommended she write a Muslim dating book.After one too many frustrating attempts to justify her approach to finding love (“After I’d explained about common Asian practice, not only did I feel like a black sheep, but I would have quite liked to be a sheep. “There are some elements I’ve taken from real life,” she tells me over coffee in St Paul’s, “but it’s fiction: my life isn’t that interesting!

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