Over 30 and dating

If you feel he is not being serious, then leave and move on.

Always remember, "Don't make someone a priority who treats you like an option."Lastly, if you are really hoping to win a partner or soulmate, make sure that you are really serious or genuine in your approach, i.e., you are not wasting your time by dating guys until you find your Mr.

So, try to check your ego and approach a man with the right attitude.

If you are dating a younger man, the age question is definitely bound to crop up.

Just get on with these dating tips given in the sections below.

They are practical tips and eye-opening insights and some inspiration for women who are looking for their dream man.

As soon as you reach 30, you might start thinking that you won't be having much luck in finding your dream man.But don't worry, crossing 30 should not put you on the panic mode.You will be glad to find that there are a lot of decent, kind, and available men who are also looking for someone to love, and that could just be you. By this age, you are mature and sensible enough to gauge any person and his behavior.Find Other 30-Somethings Who are Looking for a Special Someone to Enjoy Life With!Get Your Free Profile Now and Get Instant Access to Women and Men Over 30 Near You!You will definitely need to plan your approach with the right attitude.So, these were some of the dating tips for women above 30.Be polite to everyone and believe in yourself to stand your ground on what may be more important to you. Being overly attentive and responsive is not a good idea here.Don't go cyberstalking people and checking on them every hour.This tip is for those ladies who have been married or in relationships before. Bringing them up every now and then will only spoil things for you.Make a fresh start and don't compare things or men with the men in your past. Do not rush into things just because you are lonely and single now.

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