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If that last sentence didn't pique your interest, then writer-director Ilya Naishuller's new movie probably isn't for you. Like a lot of first-person shooters, Henry's goal is to rack up kills, reach checkpoints, equip the best weapons and save the princess -- er, Not only does Hardcore Henry look and feel like a first-person shooter, it "plays" like one too, as Henry shoots and stabs his way through action scene after action scene -- or "level after level," if you like.

Otherwise, get ready for the most ridiculous, adrenaline-fueled 90 minutes of 2016 -- and, yes, I know we're only three months into the year. Here's what you need to know: Hardcore Henry is a first-person action film where you, the audience, have been brought back to life as a cybernetic super soldier. Along the way, he gets help from Jimmy (cheekily played by District 9's Sharlto Copley), a mysterious guide who, for reasons unexplained, keeps dying and respawning as wildly different versions of himself.

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Also, the camerawork is impressively made to look like you're seeing the film through Henry's cybernetic eyes -- though it's not really shot in a found-footage style.

While the video itself has a Go Pro look to it, there are strategic cuts and musical cues that make it feel very cinematic.

According to the chat logs, one user had even called 9-1-1 and asked the group if he was doing the right thing.

After an emphatic "NO" response from another user, the user said "I talked my way out of it." and claimed that the police told them that there was no way to find Vedas with the information available.

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