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All she wants is to meet an authentic man who is honest about his intentions and who is confident enough to make fun of the awkwardness of the situation.She just wants to meet a normal dude with balls and laughing muscles.

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Maybe you have seen her pretty profile picture while you were searching a friend of a friend.Another sure way to creep out every girl with a social media account is to bombard her with one message after another without giving her the time to reply.With this behavior you basically force her to block you and to lose faith in men.She doesn’t want to get to know a self-proclaimed Facebook playboy.She doesn’t want to meet another insecure wimp who likes every single one of her pictures and gets angry when she doesn’t reply.The only reason why some girls are paranoid when they get a message from a stranger (you’ll later learn how to break this barrier) is because so many guys do it wrong…Thanks to the overwhelming feedback I received from many readers who tried my recommended “fast lane” to Facebook dating success, you will find a detailed review of the method that I used to increase my response rate from the girls I contacted on Facebook by 400%.We can only imagine how many women will commit suicide when Facebook implements the dislike button…As a result of this interplay a lot of guys mistakenly assume that all they have to do in order to get a girl’s attention is to like her picture and to write a stupid comment under it.If you don’t believe me you just have to look at lord friend zone in the last comment: In case you think that this creepy behavior is the fast track to her panties I want to congratulate you: Stop the liking and the commenting and think about what could really work.Yep, these are the kind of messages that will make her fantasize about you in her wet dreams…Just because there are so many creepy guys on Facebook doesn’t mean that you have to be one of them.

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