Standing up to intimidating people

The two kids eventually bond and decide to not stay for when the other campers come back to make fun of them or even worse take pictures of them as a "Trophy" , instead they run away and that is where the film and their adventures really begins.

They figured that after a few weeks it would die because the heat from the sun would become unbearable.

The two leads , Analise Basso and Chandler Canterbury (Who was also in the very good "A bag of hammers") are pitch perfect as Grace and Howie.

They deliver a very true performance , they are absolutely believable , you absolutely believe this is happening to them.

I know this film was based on a very popular children book but I was not aware of this book so I cant really say how the film stand up when compared to the book.

All I can say is that on it's own merit , this is a very heartfelt , sensitive , well executed , hopeful film and I urge parents to watch it with their kids or teachers to show it to their pupils because it might gives bullies a taste of what it is like on the other side of the spectrum.

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