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Life on earth is brimming with experiences that will help us progress: it brings with it a physical body, valuable mortal struggles, and the opportunity to live and learn by faith.Implicit with this freedom to choose is the ­reality that we all make mistakes.Adversity, frailty, weakness, disappointment, and suffering are inherent to the mortal experience.These challenging aspects of life are part of the plan of redemption.As a psychologist, I sometimes counsel those who suffer the consequences of abuse or assault.

Celebrities, politicians, and corporate executives were among those accused of being perpetrators.What added to my sorrow was the fact that here at BYU, even though we have high standards for our conduct, there are individuals who perpetrate or experience unwanted sexual contact. Sexual assault is a difficult, highly charged, and sometimes political topic not easily discussed in any setting.I felt anxious and at times overwhelmed as I prepared this address.As President Worthen mentioned, I earned two degrees at BYU.I also met my wife, Maureen, in a family home evening group while we were both students here.These committees were not my first encounter with the issue of sexual assault.As a stake president, I prayerfully strive to be a source of comfort and healing for victims seeking assistance.Some difficulties, such as sicknesses, accidents, natural disasters, and eventually death, occur because we live in a fallen world, and they give us opportunities to develop patience, humility, and compassion.The Atonement of Jesus Christ provides help for this type of heartache as well.In addition, some of the most complicated ­problems in life are the direct result of injuries caused when our fellow human beings unrighteously exercise their agency to hurt, control, coerce, or use others.Unfortunately, people around us—even those closest to us, such as our family, ­dating partners, and friends—sometimes use their agency to act in ways that injure us.

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