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At that point, sex and romance become much the same as they are in the ‘real world’: just a side focus in an otherwise multifaceted life. At university, you may meet a romantic partner – but it’s not the primary concern.

Your degree is the primary concern, but you might meet some great romantic partners during your time there.

Even harder to describe are platonic ‘dance crushes’: people that make you feel all melty inside when you’re dancing with them, but as soon as you’re off the dance floor? One in particular is definitely not limited to me; most follows who know him feel like their night out at Tango isn’t complete with at least one dance from him. He dances with other (sometimes very physically attractive) women, I dance with other (sometimes very physically attractive) men.

Plus, Brazilian Zouk is on the sensual end of the dance spectrum.

It means you’re dancing for some other reason: This list isn’t exhaustive. At that point, it’s about the fact that two non-sexually-attracted-to-one-another-people can have an awesome dance – without the desire to go to bed together.

Don’t you tell me that dancing with them is sexual. I did not start social dancing because I wanted more sex or more romantic partners. Even for those who did start dancing because of the romantic possibilities, a lot of the ‘sexuality’ dissipates when you get to the intermediate level (or sooner, in many cases). That’s a lot of effort to put into finding sexytime partners.

For some, sex and dating was never even a reason to dance in the beginning. If a dancer has made it to at least an intermediate level, there’s probably something else that is keeping them in dance besides sex.

Yet, neither of us – no matter how sensual the dance – end up in a situation where our romantic mind is confused.

There are also children and teens who social dance. It takes drills, practice, lessons, time, energy, and a level of fitness.

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