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We had the lowest median age of any of the eight teams, two months younger than sadsacks Nicaragua and six months younger than Haiti.

The Haitians had a lower mean age because their roster included every one of the five 2003-born players in attendance.

There is a meme among Canadian soccer die-hards—and if you’re reading a post with Jordyn Huitema at the top you’re at least die-hard-adjacent—that our country takes success in women’s soccer for granted.

But we’re not talking about one bad tournament, we’re talking about the future of a program. Those who paid attention to the tournament know that Canada had sent an inordinately young team.

There are those who will say that, rather than sending its most talented prospects who should have been good enough to get out of CONCACAF anyway, coach Bev Priestman should have called the oldest prospects for the best chance to win games in the short term.

This seems like a fairly mental use of finite development minutes.

Foster made mistakes, as a teenage goalkeeper always will, but was a big, big net positive and kept us in the bronze-medal match, including a penalty save.

Among the role players, my co-podcaster hated her against Haiti but Tanya Boychuk has “future Adriana Leon type” written all over her.

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