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Originally found in 2011, in Alberta, Canada, the nodosaur was called a "four legged tank" because of its armour-like spikes that were found on its neck and shoulders.

Located in the constellation, Draco, the discovery is the largest amount of planets to be found orbiting another star.

In Saudi Arabia, archaeologists have found rock art with drawings of dogs.

The nodosaur was a big dinosaur, weighing about 3000 pounds and about 18 ft.

Both the Church of England and the Methodist Church provide further ‘Human Resources’ guidance about, for example, recruitment, management of staff, conduct and discipline.

As Chair of the new Yorkshire North and East District, I welcome you to our website, your starting place for information and resources for church and circuit in our area.

In this solar system, the closest star orbits around their sun in just 14.

That's pretty close as Mercury takes 88 days to go around our sun.

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