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I am going to the Roots & Blues, I will be working in the Box Office.

Some of my family and I have volunteered this year, which I can't wait for...

I am looking for anything from friendship and companionship to dating and love. I like Netflix and long nights, summer skies and fireworks, smoking weed and talking about everything, piercings and tactors, road trips and museums, horror movies and blanket forts.

I am a fun, caring, and loyal lady, who just wants love.

I am a cartoon/Anime fan and would love to cuddle up and have a good laugh with my perfect person.

I just came out to my husband as Bi but no one else knows. I habe a son hes a year old most amazing little guy.

I've never been with a woman for more than kissing when I was younger but I have always known I want more. I like to party at least once a week, but know my limits. I have a dog shes a black lab we love to go for hikes and fishing and stuff like that. I love helping ppl and taking care of ppl but also enjoy being taken care of sometimes specially wen im sick lol i cook bake and keep a clean house.

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