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Michelle is right on the money when she says everyone can sense spirits to a certain extent.

They have concluded that most people have some degree of ESP—and as you mentioned, it can be strengthened with practice and training. It also happened to me last night and I got a cold tingling feeling all over my body, and even my jack russell dog started barking.

When I went to sleep, my bed would start shaking, and at one time, the bed felt like some one was trying to climb on by their knees. It stayed like that for ten seconds, then as if moving off, it went back up. I have a small room, so when I turned on my night stand light, I found I was completely alone. I heard babies crying I'd go looking for where the cry came from and found no one there. I really kept toys in the house and once when I was in my sister's house at night time, I heard a little girl laughing.

I looked outside the window and found no one was there…I know I have never imagined these things and everywhere I moved there's always something following.

This occurs shortly after waking, or just before falling asleep.

You cannot move any body part, cannot speak, and you only have minimal control over blinking and breathing. I lost my daughter a year ago on the 3rd July by stillbirth at 42wks and my son by miscarriage.

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