Validating descriptive databases

Secondly, you will learn to map SQL statements to Java™ code and you will use the Java Debugger to discover where the code is executed, which allows you to identify flaws in the design.

Next, you will use the Java Profiler to pinpoint operations that take the most time and to identify repetitive execution.

For more information, see the DB2 Information Center.

Resolving the missing index problem was only one aspect of tuning the category page SQLs.

In this tutorial, you will troubleshoot a typical performance situation in a sample Web store.

It has been reported that the category display page is performing slowly, and even though the page is cached, the first-time execution cost exceeds the non-functional requirements (NFRs).

To configure the Remote Agent Controller, you have the option to install the standalone version or to configure Rational Application Developer to use the Integrated Agent Controller, which is already installed in your system: After configuring the Remote Agent Controller, restart the server in Profiler mode and verify that the server starts correctly.Application performance is among the most common causes for delayed or failed deployments.By validating the code from a performance perspective as part of the unit testing that is done by every developer, you can confirm with a high level of confidence that your code is implemented efficiently.Simple Store is a J2EE application that was written specifically for this tutorial.It only contains two pages: home page and category page.A missing index can cause serious performance degradation and can open the door to lock contention problems.The DB2 index advisor is also a valuable tool that you can use to recommend indexes for SQLs.All SQL operations are expensive (Figure 8) so avoid them when possible.View image at full size SQL tracing identifies untuned statements, which can severely impact performance and introduce functional problems, such as deadlocks and timeouts.The application is implemented using five entity beans that map to a DB2 database.The Web layer accesses the EJBs using the Session Bean Facade pattern, which returns read-only Plain Simple Java Objects (POJOs) that are used in the JSPs.

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