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I hope that they can try to be open-minded enough to share in our love, but if not, that’s okay.We have plenty of family and friends around that support us unconditionally and they can appreciate just what love is supposed to be: colorblind and limitless.Love is many things, but one thing it shouldn’t be is a secret.Recently, we’ve been talking more about marriage and our future—both things that I want my parents to experience with us.

Mike was the best beau a teen girl could have—tall, handsome, funny and happy to carry my books and hold my hand.After college, Mike and I decided to apply for graduate school in Spain.While his parents were thrilled that we would be living abroad together and sharing an adventure, mine were worried about me going so far away and wondered how I would find the man of my dreams in a country where the majority of the people don’t speak English.I tried a few times to slip the topic of interracial dating into conversations with my parents, telling stories of friends who were happily dating or getting married.The response was always the same: “Good for them, but you’re going to bring home someone that looks like us.” My father even hinted that he would cut off my college funds if I went “that way.” I felt trapped.Still, I had to have Black male friends pretend to take me on dates to throw my parents off.I made up excuses to not come home on breaks so I could spend them with Mike’s family, who welcomed me with open, loving arms and had a hard time understanding my choice to hide our relationship.All the fears my parents have for our relationship have yet to materialize, even here in this foreign land.Our love for each other has grown so much that I’ve come to realize that it’s time to tell my parents.Dear Pauline, I'm 15 and I really like this guy who is a Junior. I think they've conveniently forgotten the times I've been pushed aside because the parents of other boys thought I was too dark for their sons. I like this guy a lot, but I can't date him without permission. Sincerely, Quince & Crushing Dear Quince, *Insert Big Dramatic Sigh Right Here*. I had a high school crush on a boy who was as kind and caring as he was guapisimo.He is very sweet and very cute and he asked me to see a movie with him. But just like you, my parents warned me of potential family backlash for not only dating outside of our culture, but for going so far as to date a "black boy." Before anyone assumes I was raised by close-minded racists, let me clarify a bit.

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  1. Obviously, advice and guidance parents offer to their college aged kids is different from that given to younger adolescents. Johnson, one of the authors of "Don't Tell Me What to Do; Just Send Money," (3) a practical guide to parenting college students, says that parents should not take on their children's problems, but they should be available to talk with them about the issues involved.

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