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Although primarily interested in furthering his intellectual pursuits, he was very keen on sports, particularly rugby, and reputedly played the Eton Wall Game very well.In the final examinations at Eton, Ayer came second in his year, and first in classics.He was an Honorary Associate of the Rationalist Press Association from 1947 until his death.He was elected a Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1963.

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Religious language in particular was unverifiable and as such literally nonsense. Ayer's version of emotivism divides "the ordinary system of ethics" into four classes: He focuses on propositions of the first class—moral judgments—saying that those of the second class belong to science, those of the third are mere commands, and those of the fourth (which are considered in normative ethics as opposed to meta-ethics) are too concrete for ethical philosophy.

Ayer argues that moral judgments cannot be translated into non-ethical, empirical terms and thus cannot be verified; in this he agrees with ethical intuitionists.

He was known for his advocacy of humanism, and was the first executive director of the British Humanist Association (now known as Humanists UK).

Ayer was born in St John's Wood, in north west London, to a wealthy family from continental Europe.

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