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He went into hospital with sickness and diarrhoea and never came home.'Jack was neglected from the moment he entered Leicester Royal Infirmary.You continued to practise without further incident after these events and there were no concerns prior to this event.'The tribunal is satisfied that the risk of you putting a patient at unwarranted risk of harm in the future is low.'He added: 'A trust investigation was carried out which highlighted multiple systemic failures which existed at the time of these events.'These included failings on the part of the nurses and consultants, medical and nursing staff shortages, IT system failures which led to abnormal laboratory test results not being highlighted, the deficiencies in handover, accessibility of the data at the bedside, and the absence of a mechanism for an automatic consultant review.'The Tribunal therefore determined that whilst your actions fell far short of the standards expected and were a causative factor in the early death of Patient A, they took place in the context of wider failings.'Erasure would be disproportionate. Although they resulted in the early death of Patient A, you do not present a continuing risk to patients.'Jack, who lived with his parents and younger sister Ruby in Glen Parva, Leicester, was said to be a 'lively and energetic' boy who attended a mainstream primary school.

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The court heard the pair had provided Jack with 'truly, exceptionally bad care' in the hours before his death.

At the time of the court case Jack's mother Nicola said: 'Never in a million years did we expect our son to die.

Do you want her treating your child because in 12 months. Killed my son through neglect.'Earlier panel chairman Mr Miran Uddin told Bawa-Garba: 'The purpose of fitness to practise proceedings is not to punish a doctor for past wrongdoing but to maintain proper standards in the profession and to protect the public.

The tribunal must look forward, not back.'Your clinical failings, serious as they were, are capable of being remedied.

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