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But he’s like, ‘They’re puppy dogs, it’s no big deal!’ So we got there and we look down and we see a 6-foot reef shark.You can’t really see it on the show, but under the paddle board, there were sharks everywhere.There was blood in the water, the sharks showed up, and it was pretty wild.Roberto told me there was this one spot where there’s always tiger sharks.I don’t tend to know a lot, but I know that tiger sharks are on the higher end of being very aggressive.

Bull sharks are the only ones you really have to look out for. It was a nerve-racking but amazing experience.”ROWBOAT RENDEZVOUS“We were in this rickety rowboat that looked like it was about to fall apart.

We put a hose in her mouth so she could breath water, to keep her healthy and strong before we released her.

Laying on a shark is just crazy, their skin is like sandpaper.

You can make it as big or as small as you want, and the bigger the bait, the bigger the sharks. When we first got there, I laughed at the idea, but it works! We caught a 7-foot nurse shark that day—it was massive.

We brought it up to the boat and I got to lay on top of it.

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