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" It was one of those wee red cashbox things and she keeps it in a drawer by the bed, under some pictures and books.

Every key she has is on the same keyring - it took me a while to find the right one.

During rehearsals, Westheimer gave Rupp pointers on how to look and act like her. Ruth sounds like, and everybody’s idea is different,” Rupp said. “I have no idea what the experience would be, if I had to show it. “I really studied that,” Rupp said—far from the exuberant bubbe we know today.

Certain words were hard to pronounce, especially “Barbara” (Westheimer’s daughter-in-law) and “Stehaufmännchen” (a type of German doll). “There’s a lesson in the Talmud,” Westheimer pronounced, her head barely clearing the table.

“Wait, wait, wait—someplace it’s here.” Out came a bag of sucking candies. Ruth,” an Off Broadway play (she prefers “Near Broadway”) by Mark St.

Germain that chronicles her eventful life: Holocaust survivor (she was born in Germany and sent to a Swiss children’s home by her parents, who were killed by the Nazis); soldier (she fought in the 1948 Arab-Israeli war); sex therapist (her radio show, “Sexually Speaking,” began in 1980); and grandma. “In 1947 and ’48, everybody in then-Palestine belonged to some group.

The water for the baths was provided by springs from the rivers in the city´s suburbs. Services include: Emerge - bath for 90 minutes, €30.Hammam in Granada - Moorish Experience If you want to relax on your holidays, make sure you visit one of the Arab baths (Arabic name hammam) in Granada which will leave you fresh and new.They are really worth a visit after walking around Granada and the Alhambra, also a good way to get away from the heat of summer.The rooms had hollow floors, which were heated from below ground by the boiler.As a result the floor became so hot that it was necessary for the bathers to wear protective footwear, in the form of wooden clogs.To obtain this water the Moors built a major hydraulic network which, for the time, was extremely innovative. Mimma15 - bath for 75 minutes and 15 minutes massage, €45.Bath houses such as El Bañuelo became a very important part of Muslim society. Mimma30 - bath for 75 minutes and 30 minutes massage, €60.There would be weekly meetings at each house, with men and women meeting on separate days to ensure privacy - women would only go to the baths once or twice a month, as they were not supposed to leave their houses. The hammam is open from to from Monday to Sunday.The only exception to this rule was for a bride, she would go to the bath house for her bridal preparations and to cleanse herself before marriage. Address: Hammam Al Ándalus Granada, Calle Santa Ana 16, Granada.They provided a meeting place for fellow practitioners of the Islamic faith, where they could take part in this integral aspect of their religious practices. Midra30 - bath for 60 minutes, 15 minutes massage and 15 minutes of traditional kessa (purification on a hot stone bed), €86.The baths were also essential to personal hygiene - when at the baths you would remove unwanted hair, wash, and even have massages. Midra45 - bath for 45 minutes, 30 minutes massage and 15 minutes of traditional kessa, €100.

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