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The burial of Tutankhamun — in which his penis was mummified erect — is but one example of how important fertility was in the rituals and beliefs of the ancient Egyptians.

The country's ancient rulers are referred to today as "pharaohs," although in ancient times they each used a series of names as part of a royal titular, wrote Ronald Leprohon, an Egyptology professor at the University of Toronto, in his book "The Great Name: Ancient Egyptian Royal Titulary" (Society of Biblical Literature, 2013).

This tradition started with the Egyptian priest Manetho, who lived during the third century B. His accounts of ancient Egyptian history were preserved by ancient Greek writers and, until the deciphering of hieroglyphic writing in the 19 century, were one of the few historical accounts that scholars could read.

Modern-day scholars often group these dynasties into several periods.

Egypt’s climate was much wetter in prehistoric times than it is today.

The Persians and Assyrians also controlled Egypt at different times during the late period. After Alexander the Great’s death, a line of rulers descended from Ptolemy Soter, one of Alexander’s generals.The civilization has always been strongly connected with other parts of the world, bringing in and exporting goods, religions, food, people and ideas.At times ancient Egypt ruled territory outside the modern-day country's border, controlling territory in what is now Sudan, Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, Israel and Palestine.Egyptian civilization has flourished continuously since prehistoric times.While the civilization's rulers, writing, natural climate, religion and borders have changed many times over the millennia, Egypt still exists as a modern-day country.He lived over 5,000 years ago, and while ancient writers sometimes credited him as being the first pharaoh of a united Egypt we know today that this is not true — there was a group of Egyptian rulers that predated Menes.Scholars sometimes refer to these pre-Menes rulers as being part of a "dynasty zero." Dynasties 3-6 date from roughly 2650–2150 B. and are often lumped into a time period called the "Old Kingdom" by modern-day scholars. (a time period that encompassed dynasties 7-10 and part of the 11) the central government in Egypt was weak and the country was often controlled by different regional leaders.During this time cities and civilizations across the Middle East had been destroyed by a wave of people from the Aegean, whom modern-day scholars sometimes call the "Sea Peoples." While Egyptian rulers claimed to have defeated the Sea Peoples in battle, it didn’t prevent Egyptian civilization from also collapsing. C.) are often referred to as the "late period" by scholars.The loss of trade routes and revenue may have played a role in the weakening of Egypt’s central government. Egypt was sometimes under the control of foreign powers during this period.Dynasties 12, 13, as well as part of the 11 are often called the "Middle Kingdom" by scholars and lasted from ca. Among the surviving texts is the Edwin Smith surgical papyrus, which includes a variety of medical treatments that modern-day medical doctors have hailed as being advanced for their time.Dynasties 14-17 are often lumped into the "second intermediate period" by modern-day scholars.

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