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Pike mentioned this problem when he asked why we still retain some Masons who excite rivalries and jealousies: “Your debates should be but friendly conversations. Why then do you retain among you men who excite rivalries and jealousies; why permit great and violent controversy and ambitious pretensions? Again, I have to ask, did they not learn anything from their Masonic lessons?Pike wrote about the problems of politics and religion: “, 1871, p 35).Well, he actually did, but in a misguided effort to protect the craft, he instead has become a cyberbully.

Pike wrote about “venal orators” and their destructive antics, and contrasted them to having eloquence for good purposes, to teach etc: “If you have Eloquence, it is a mighty force. This has helped me better phrase my words, so they won’t be perceived as offensive. Simply stated, I am more concerned with a man’s actions and deeds than his words. The Mason plugs in the names of his followers into the group conversation, and pretty soon you see four or five, sometimes even 7 or more, ganging up on another Mason and his views on a particular point.As such, after some reflection, I have decided to write my own views on the matter; and here they are, with supporting quotes from Albert Pike’s book , 1871. Just State Your Views In A Polite, None Threatening Or Offensive Manner: When posting a comment online, do nothing more than state your views in a polite inoffensive manner.Never try to provoke another Mason by asking a question you already know the answer to. I am weary of the Mason who asks a question only to turn it into an unwinnable debate.if we can conceive of a loftier, nobler, higher, more beneficent, glorious, and magnificent character, then this latter is to us the true conception of Deity; for nothing can be imagined more excellent than He, 1871, p. Ever wonder why this world has so many different religions?It’s simple, as Pike wrote above, “because one man cannot communicate to another his own conception of Deity.” Is it any wonder than why we also have so many different orders within the broader craft.I am often puzzled by the Mason who travels the internet looking for weaker prey, or who is looking to pick an online fight with another Mason.Did he (or she) not learn anything from his Masonic lessons?Pike wrote about the immortal power of thoughts and words, and their existence within the soul: “Take, then, the attributes of the soul. On the surface, it might look like the Masonic cyberbullying gang has won the argument; but not really.You see, their success was only limited to their cyberbullying group of Masons; all the good Masons had already left, or chose not to participate in the unbecoming behavior.Sadly, this destructive behavior has a negative impact on young and new Masons; for you see, when they witness this kind of online behavior they either leave disheartened and thinking negatively about the craft, or adapt to become accepted by their peers.And they too become a cyberbully; and the cycle continues uninterrupted.

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  1. Yes/No; While it is free to use, POF offers premium services as part of their upgraded membership, such as seeing the date and time a user viewed your profile and allowing you to see whether a user read and/or deleted your message.