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Till the earth, tend to and befriend animals, nurture friendships and build a family to help save the island!Gelato Farm Animals Animal Star Ranks - Animal Products Shipped Rank 0 (Start with) Rank 1 (After several G) Rank 2 (After 5,000 G) Rank 3 (After 10,000 G) - Lots of info on each Cow (& Miracle Potion) Horse (& Miracle Potion) Sheep (& Miracle Potion) Ostrich (hatch egg/Incubator) Goat (& Miracle Potion) Chicken (hatch egg/Incubator) Duck (hatch egg/Incubator) Silk Worm (non-reproduce/buy) Chicken Coop Building Requirements Animal Barn Building Requirements Makers Mayonnaise Cheese Butter Yarn/Thread Crops Farm Star Ranks - Crop Products Shipped Rank 0 (Start with) Rank 1 (After several G) Rank 2 (After 5,000 G) Rank 3 (After 10,000 G) Fertilizers Fertilizer (Good) Rapid Fertilizer (Better) Happy Fertilizer (Best) Flowers & Honey Bees Getting Honey Tips How To Honey Colors Yellow Red Green Purple Blue Royal Jelly Honey Prices Perfume Prices Seedlings/Trees Apple Grape Chestnut Orange Mora/Cherry Hali/Pine Spring Crops Variety Bag Turnip Breadfruit Cabbage Potato Strawberry Lavender Flower Tulip Flower Moondrop Flower Hyacinth Flower Green Herb Flax Summer Crops Variety Bag Watermelon Onion Corn Tomato Honeydew Cocoa Sunflower Pansy Flower Pinkcat Flower Begonia Flower Lily Flower Hibiscus Blue Herb Fall Crops Variety Bag Pumpkin Yam Spinach Eggplant Rice Spicy Pepper Carrot Bell Pepper Cosmos Flower Morning Glory Flower Blue Mist Flower Rose Flower Chrysanthemum Flower Purple Herb Red Herb Winter Crops Buckwheat Anemone Flower Snowflake Flower Green Bell Flower Yellow Herb Profit Analysis: What to Keep/Process/Ship Animal Products Profit Comparison Eggs Milk Cocoons Wool Crops Profit Comparison Potato Turnip Flax Eggplant Yam Breadfruit Cabbage Strawberry Watermelon Onion Corn Tomato Honeydew Cocoa Pumpkin Spinach Rice Spicy Pepper Carrot Bell Pepper Buckwheat Flowers Profit Comparison Perfume - all colors/types Honey - all colors/types Fish Profit Comparison Sardine Sea Bream Big-Scaled Redfin All Fish - Fresh vs.Grilled Forage Profit Comparison Clam Sea Urchin Chestnut Clam Chestnut Sea Urchin Bamboo Shoot Shining Bamboo Shoot Mushroom Toadstool Pontata Root Blueberry Very Berry Cherry Orange Apple Grape Banana Pineapple Coconut Common Seashell Fancy Seashell Coral Pearl Black Pearl Summary List (Most Profitable) Chicken Egg (Decent/Good/Perfect) Chicken Egg (Shining) Duck Egg (Decent) Duck Egg (Good/Perfect/Shining) Ostrich Egg (Decent) Ostrich Egg (Good/Perfect/Shining) Cow Milk (Decent/Good) Cow Milk (Perfect/Shining) Goat Milk (Decent/Good) Goat Milk (Perfect/Shining) Cocoon (All Grades) Wool (All Grades) Potato (All Grades) Turnip (All Grades) Flax (All Grades) Eggplant (Decent/Good/Perfect) Eggplant (Shining) Yam (Decent/All Grades) Breadfruit (All Grades) Cabbage (Decent/Good/Perfect) Cabbage (Shining) Strawberry (Decent/Good) Strawberry (Perfect/Shining) Watermelon (All Grades) Onion (All Grades) Corn (Decent/Good/Perfect) Corn (Shining) Tomato (All Grades) Honeydew (Decent) Honeydew (Good/Perfect/Shining) Cocoa (All Grades) Pumpkin (Decent/Good/Perfect) Pumpkin (Shining) Spinach (All Grades) Rice (All Grades) Spicy Pepper (Decent) Spicy Pepper (Good/Perfect/Shining) Carrot (All Grades) Bell Pepper (All Grades) Buckwheat (All Grades) Flowers (Blue Mist) Fish (Common/Cheap) Fish (Expensive) Fish (Sea Bream) Clam Sea Urchin Chestnut Chestnut (Shining) Laver Seaweed Bamboo Shoot Bamboo Shoot (Shining) Mushroom Toadstool Pontata Root Pontata Root (Medicine) Blueberry Very Berry Cherry Cherry (Shining) Orange Orange (Shining) Apple Apple (Shining) Grape Grape (Shining) Banana Pineapple Coconut Common Seashell Fancy Seashell Coral Pearl Black Pearl Marriage Requirements Marriage Preparation Proposal Wedding Rival Heart Events by Couple After the Wedding Anniversary/Birthdays Pregnancy Goddess Prayer Childbirth Children Includes All Stage Details Includes Child Chore Details Infant Baby/Crawling Baby/Walking Baby/Talking Child/Full Grown Child Styles Details by Spouse Toby/Julius & Maya/Renee Owen & Phoebe Chase/Calvin & Luna/Selena Luke & Kathy Gill/Jin & Anissa/Candace Eligible Bachelors Includes Heart Events Includes Rival Heart Events Includes Lots of Individual Details Chase Luke Julius Owen Won Calvin (includes Calvin Glitch/suggestions) Gill Toby Eligible Bachelorettes Includes Heart Events Includes Rival Heart Events Includes Lots of Individual Details Renee Maya Anissa Candace Luna Phoebe Kathy Selena Couples that Marry and have Kids Marriage Sets Jin/Anissa Toby/Renee Chase/Maya Julius/Candace Calvin/Phoebe Marriage Individuals Gill Selena Kathy Luna Luke Owen Villagers Hamilton (Mayor/mayor's house) Jake (Sundae Inn owner) Colleen (Sundae Inn co-owner) Yolanda (Sundae Inn cook) Chloe (Ramsey's Blacksmith - child) Barbara (General Store co-owner) Simon (General Store owner) Pascal (Ship Captain - Waffle Town) Ramsey (Ramsey's Blacksmith - grandpa) Cain (Brownie Ranch co-owner) Hannah (Brownie Ranch owner) Mira (Inspects ores/jewels) Hayden (Sundae Inn - Kathy's father) Craig (Owner of Souffle Farm) Ruth (Co-owner of Souffle Farm) Irene (Meringue Clinic - Jin's grandma) Ozzie (On The Hook owner) Dale (Carpentry Shop owner) Elli (TV weather girl) Gray (Maple Lake Area - rancher) Bo (Carpentry Shop) Shelly (Tailor Shop - grandma - tailor) Samson (Toucan Island - Pineapple Inn owner) Sue (Toucan Island - Pineapple Inn co-owner) Taylor (Souffle Farm - son) Perry (Meringue Clinic) Paolo (On The Hook - son) Van (Won's House - child/son) Matt (Toby's House - child/son) Dakota (Chase's House - child/daughter) Angie (Julius' House - child/daughter) Heath (Calvin's House - child/son) Girl/main character default names Boy/main character default names 1st farm plot default names Waffle Island (Island Name) Playing as your Child Child Growing Stages (Brief) - See Child section for detailed stages Journey Rucksack Details Complete Sequence of the Journey Rucksack Newgame Additional Information Festivals - Includes Buyable Items Flower Festival Flea Markets (Spr, Sum, Fall, Winter) Animal Festival Ocean Festival Firefly Festival Arts Festival Harvest Festival Thanksgiving Festival Starry Night Festival New Year's Eve Foraging Caramel River Caramel Falls Waffle Town Waffle Town Square Maple Lake Ganache Mountain Ganache Mines Brownie Ranch Praline Forest Toucan Island Gull Island Mt. Gelato Mines Treasure Gift Boxes Lapis Lazuli Shining Flax Yarn Shining Bamboo Shoot Crystal Rare Metal Fishing Freshwater Fish River Maple Lake Secret Caverns Secret Cave Goddess Fountain Pond Saltwater Fish West Gull Island East Gull Island Toucan Island Waffle Town Ganache Mines Miscellaneous Empty Can Rubber Boot Swim Shorts Algae Cooking Finding Recipes Cooking with Beach Fires Cookable Items Firewood Stack Locations Cooking Utensils General Store Maya Spring/Summer Flea Markets Recipes List Knife (Cutting Board Set) Pot (Regular Pot) Frying Pan Oven (Microwave) Mixer (Blender) Fermentation Pot (Aging Pot) Bonfire (Firewood stacks) Dyeing Wool/Silk/Flax Making Rucksacks Rainbow Recipe Collection List Mining Tips Identifying Gems List Ganache Mines (30 Floors) Mt.Yes, I have written programming code for games in various programming languages.Yes, I know how to translate most Japanese to English.This guide also contains a walkthrough as well as lots of lists and tips.Also use the Table of Contents to help you in searching.When done, everything in this guide will have been tested and verified in-game to be accurate for the final US version of this game.============================================================================= ================== Table of Contents ================== - This is a huge Guide/Walkthrough/Faqs - Make your life easier and search using any topic below (ctrl-f) or search using any topic you wish related to this game Introduction & Overview Game Description About the Game Name Changes (JP to US) JP to US Names Changes JP to US Names Not Changed Default Names Girl/main character default names Boy/main character default names Animal default names Farm Plot default names Waffle Island (Island Name) Basic Controls Wii-mote (Wii Remote) & Nunchuck Classic Controller Configuration Message Speed Font Type Window Border SFX Volume BGM Volume SFX Test BGM Test Menu Overview Story Items: Solid Red Chest (Island Progress) Income: Hoe & Bucket (Financial Sheets) Status: Lighthouse (Farm/Animals/Character/Tool Skill) Friendship: Stripe-colored Heart (People/Animal Relationships) Rucksack: Rucksack/Backpack (Rucksack Items) Tips Game Versions Crop Quality Types Making Money (Beginning) Free First Set of Tools Free Rucksack Upgrade Dropping Items Weather Calendar Notices/Notice Board Tracking Individuals Stamina/Fatigue Power Berries More Wood when Chopping Getting Material Stone & Wood Giving Gifts Processing Flax Passing of Time Rucksacks Shipping Bins Shelf & Refrigerator Islanders Moving In - 1st Rainbow - Goddess Tree Quilt Order of Moving In Identifying Gem Trick Part-time Jobs Basic Story-line Walkthrough Pascal's Ship - The Farm Plan - Shipwreck - Goddess Dream Sundae Inn - Saved for a New Beginning Souffle Farm - Let's get workin' Suggestions on Early Beginnings Rainbows & Goddess Tree - Simplified Explanation of How It Works Rainbow 1 - Daren: green sprite - Waffle Town Square Rainbow 2 - Ben: blue sprite - Maple Lake Area Rainbow 3 - Collin: yellow sprite - West Gull Island Rainbow 4 - Alan: red sprite - Brownie Ranch Rainbow 5 - Edge: purple sprite - Mt.This allows me to get more of the answers out to everyone instead of answering the same questions repeatedly.Thereby, this method benefits more people and allows me to test the game more thouroughly and get it out to more people for their benefit.

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