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Reticence surrounds my disclosure for I have grown in my acceptance of being alone.

Jeremiah’s prophetic office was not bequeathed out of charity or by default, but because God ordained it.Prophesying from the thirteenth year of Josiah’s reign (627 b.c.) until shortly after the fall of Jerusalem in 587 b.c., his forty-year ministry was marked by opponents’ attempts to silence him by means of arrests, trials, beatings, imprisonments, and even assassination plots (e.g., Jer. Throughout the book, the prophet lamented to God and even called down judgment on the opposition (e.g., –20; –12) and earned his title, the “weeping prophet” (see 9:1; ; ).While public ridicule of his message was swift and extreme, the prophet’s personal sacrifices were far greater than any public outcry.Lord, I feel so isolated and alone.” These words were lifted from the journal written during my first year of doctoral studies in Scotland.After saying farewell to my family and friends, I arrived at a location where I knew no one.While this prophet did struggle with life, anxious thoughts, and fears, Jeremiah displays five ways to persevere and continue despite living alone. Recognition of God’s Calling In Frodo protests to Gandalf crying, “I am not made for perilous quests. But you have been chosen and you must therefore use such strength and heart and wits as you have.” (Endnote 8) Like Frodo, Jeremiah was called.In fact, the opening words of the book inform us that Jeremiah was appointed before birth for this assignment. I know theologically you are with me, but the cries of my heart far outweigh the cognitive. ’ Oh, Lord, these words of Psalm 13 haunt the very core of my being.Instead of defining my existence by marriage and children, I utilize events and accomplishments.This “stiff-arm” toward relationships and an air of independence buffer any appearances of vulnerability.

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  1. legislation and suggest that educational context may be more important than age asymmetry in predicting adolescent female sexual activity--specifically, that young women dating older males who are still in secondary school are at less risk of sexual intercourse than female teenagers dating males who do not attend school, regardless of the males' ages.