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The series of sales follows a crackdown by the Chinese government on aggressive, debt-fueled investments overseas by big name companies like Wanda.

In August, officials announced they were limiting overseas investments by Chinese companies, specifically targeting sectors that Wanda had been eagerly pursuing -- real estate, hotels, entertainment and sports.

Five years later, the Chico's retail chain didn't file Chapter 11, but it did close 120 of its retail stores in order to avoid ending up in bankruptcy court in 2015.

Talbots avoided a trip to bankruptcy court by selling off its JJill brand.

Although this Retailers At Risk for Bankruptcy list below was published in 2009, it has current retail relevance as a comparison tool.

For instance, the Chico's retail chain was identified as being at high risk for bankruptcy in 2009.

All four of these retail chains have been liquidated since 2009.

In recent months, Moody's, S&P and Fitch have all downgraded Wanda Commercial Properties to junk status.

The Great Recession provided an unwanted, but much needed reality check for American retailers.

He also said the company will be getting rid of more international projects.

"Over the past few years, Wanda has invested in several overseas projects.

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