Jackson rathbone and nikki reed dating

The duo joined up with costars Nikki Reed and Kellan Lutz for the interview where they dished on the meaning of love, soulmates and relationship deal-breakers.Check it: Kellan on confidence in a relationship: “That’s so sexy to me.The newlyweds, however, kept with the sideshow theme to let someone else take the spotlight: a sword-swallowing performer, who entertained guests at the reception. I wouldn’t say we are bohemian, but we are both artistic,” Rathbone previously told PEOPLE of meeting Hafsadi in Fort Lauderdale in 2011.He had been playing a show with his former band, 100 Monkeys, when he saw her working at the venue next door. Secondly, if you’re a dude, you may continue to like me. And for you dudes, I guess you hope that neither of those scenarios is true.

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At last night’s Scream Awards, I managed to interview both Jackson Rathbone and Nikki Reed on the red carpet before the show. But the groom, 28, stole at least some of the show in his own eye-catching tartan tux he rocked during the Sept. In a series of Alison Dyer-snapped photos released exclusively to PEOPLE, the newlyweds blended tradition with their trailblazing ways for their carnival-themed big day, which had 150 guests (including former costar Nikki Reed, who was in the wedding party) flocking to the Saddle Peak Lodge in Calabasas, Calif.“It was a magical, emotional day filled with friends, family, balloons, popcorn, magic, and even a sword swallower! kiss kellan *kellan closes him eyes and puckers out his lips.* *nikki rolls her eyes and laughs and pecks him on the lips* nikkis pov ooohhh i like kissing him hes so funny. so big and mussly and sucha romatic even though we arnt dating end of pov nikki: okay kellan truth or dare? HAHAHA *he takes his shirt off and tosses it at nikki she bites her bottom lip looking at him, he sees ehr and smiles ad looks down blushes a little.* ash: awe.. At first I didn’t know Nikki Reed was there as the interview started with Rathbone.However, a minute or so in, Reed snuck her way in and that’s when I tried to find out how is going.TB: Yes, we assumed it was just made up by someone trying to start a ridiculous rumor. In all honesty, he’s also dating [co-star] Nikki [Reed]. They revealed filming hasn’t yet begun on the final installment, but they both called the script “amazing.” They also don’t know when they start yet.In case you’re not aware, Rathbone plays Jasper Hale and Reed plays Rosalie Hale.

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