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-domination ( interesting thing is that I am ruthless when it comes to dominate someone, I like being in control of a man's mind and body) -submission ( Also I like this one. Because sometimes I like to feel on my own skin what I do to other people here)-Stockings/pantyhose (damn , I just like the feeling of ripping them off me after I m taking a whole rithual of putting them on my legs. I love to laugh and I can get pretty creative when it comes about comparing things haha)-Spanking (well It s nice to see the fruit of your work for real,no?Depends what you are using :) -Total power exchange( something I like to call a game of mouse and cat) -Voyeurism ( I used to be a voyeur, yeah, feels nice, the excitement to watch in silance and hear only your heart racing and your pulse increasing) I want to be treat as a woman you desire and you want to conquer !Imagine that I am the woman of your dreams and you have all my attention from all those people in the room, what would you do ? Before working here I did not knew I could be so sexual and open minded, but this helped me find out and it still does.My journey has not come to an end, i just begun to explore the path in front of me.This need felt by many people and many have worked on it.This work yielded a whole new dimension of chatting and people made their own Chat room .Server notices are the messages by the server that you get while joining, this cannot be disabled for now.

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Walking through the park one morn and suddenly there you are,appearing in my mind as if you’re here and not so far.

It’s you I want to push my bare back up against a tree,and hook my leg behind you as your hardness enters me.

Oh God, the thought is sending pulses through my sweetest spot, I slip behind the trees alone, feeling oh so hot.

People pass me by, oblivous to what is on my mind,in my imagination you are taking me from behind.

A copse of trees, there, to my left, would be the perfect place,for us to hide and send each other into outer space.

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