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take the UX Foundations, User Centered Analysis, and Web & App Design classes, because you really must design based on the right process and leveraging research-based principles.

Folks who think that UX design is just usability testing do not succeed and make us very sad.

Save 20% with the CXA package – all 4 CXA courses and the exam – over the cost of registering for them individually.

“After becoming an HFI-certified CUA, I have seen my approach towards design change a lot.

That mainframe course has been evolved and refined for all this time (all our courses get quarterly updates).

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This course has evolved from “How to develop effective CRT screens’ prepared for IBM in 1982.I speak with experts on the forums, and receive emails from HFI with relevant news.There are even people from my HFI courses who I am now friends with, whom I would not have met otherwise.For one thing UX designers need to understand how people see, remember, decide, and move.And you do not do ANY of those the way you think you do.Because we cover very specifically, the pragmatic stuff you need to know This is really the core course for user centricity.Many people say it is the very best of all our courses. NOT, just using the types of survey results marketing folks use.Now, I can say in 10 words what I used to say in 100.“Second, the certification has improved my credibility with the organization and on my own team.We think this is the world's canonical course for design skills and will apply to web site, application, heavy duty workstations, embedded applications, and interfaces for space stations.The skills you get in this course will last your whole life, no mater how the technologies change.

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