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2NITE tonight 420 refers to the use of cannabis ADN any day now AFAIK as far as I know AFK away from keyboard AKA also known as AML all my love ASAP as soon as possible ASLP age/sex/location/picture AWYR awaiting your reply B4 before B4N bye for now BAK back at keyboard BBL be back later BBC big black cock BBW big beautiful woman BCNU be seeing you BDSM bondage & discipline/domination & submission/sadism & masochism BEG big evil grin BF boyfriend BFF best friends forever BFFL best friends for life BFN bye for now BRB be right back (as in, “I’ve got to answer the door” etc) BS big smile/bullshit (that could make for an interesting misunderstanding!

) BTAIM be that as it may BTU back to you BTW by the way BWK big wet kiss CBL come back later CIO check it out CU see you CUL catch you later CWYL chat with you later DDF drug and disease free DIKU do I know you? Div divorced DLN don’t leave now DLTM don’t lie to me DTE down to earth EG evil grin F/ship friendship FAQ frequently asked questions FOTCL falling off the chair laughing FTF face to face FWB friends with ‘benefits’ (‘benefits’ being sex) FWIW for what it’s worth FYI for your information G2G got to go GAL get a life!

Lighter skin tones are seen as preferable in many countries in Africa and Asia.

Many studies report lower private sector earnings for racial minorities, although it is often difficult to determine the extent to which this is the result of racial discrimination. shows that socioeconomic and health inequality among African Americans along the color continuum is often similar or even larger in magnitude than what obtains betweens whites and African Americans as a whole.

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Whether were buying a car, looking for an apartment or simply looking for a friend, we all use Craigslist!

Discrimination based on skin color, also known as colorism or shadeism, is a form of prejudice or discrimination in which people are treated differently based on the social meanings attached to skin color. Numerous factors can contribute to "race" (including ancestry); therefore, racial categorization does not solely rely on skin color.ICBW I could be wrong IDC I don’t care IDK I don’t know IDST I didn’t say that!IGP I gotta pee IMHO in my humble opinion IMO in my opinion (no humility) IRL in real life (e.g.I personally use Craigslist a lot to find a date, a hookup or a friend.When you first look at the personals section on Craigslist, you will be startled by the high use of abbreviations. So eventually I ended up googling each abbreviation one by one just so I could understand what people are talking about.“let’s meet IRL”) ISO in search of J/K just kidding JAM just a minute JAS just a second KIT keep in touch KWIM know what I mean?L8R later LDR long distance relationship LJBF let’s just be friends LMAO laughing my arse off LOL laugh out loud (or, very occasionally, ‘lots of love’, but that’s actually a mistake made by newbies) LOLA laughing out loud again LTR long term relationship M/F male/female M4M man for man M4MW man for couple (man & woman) M4W man for woman M8 mate MILF mother I’d like to f*** (or more generally; an attractive woman in her 30s / 40s) MOTOS member of the opposite sex MOTSS member of the same sex MRS meet real soon MW4M couple (man & woman) for man MW4W couple (man & woman) for woman MWBRL more will be revealed later MYOB mind your own business N1 nice one! = Proof Of Rich Spoiled Children Having Everything P. E = Strong, Independent, Noticeable, Generous, Loving, Enlightened S. Most may have been only one-quarter or one-eighth African American.In addition to rivalries among descendants of African Americans, the Americans held themselves above the native Africans in Liberia.

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