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But whilst the luxurious £24.99 dish may sound like an extravagant and somewhat pointless feline spin on a classic human dish, Simon believes that this moggie meal is at the forefront of cat nutrition.

Scientifically developed in close collaboration with vets using the very latest insights on cat nutrition, Simon maintains that each ingredient and its precise quantities were carefully chosen according to a cat’s strict dietary requirements to ensure the finished dish was a safe treat for tabbies to tuck into.

There’s also a little citrus sweetness and even a little honey. It’s sippable on its own of course, but we think the fiery heat of a ginger ale brings out the flavours perfectly.

Buy now Another winter wheat-distilled vodka, this time from the Moscow region.

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And though there’s some spice, there’s actually little heat here. This wheat vodka is distilled 14 times, then filtered once through birch coal, and again through quartz. Floral and somewhat fruity on the nose, there’s a hint of both apple and almond. That initial sweetness lasts, smoothly and softly giving way to a little bit of peppery heat on the finish.If you solely drink your vodka mixed, then this won’t be the best value for you.But if you’re looking for a sipping vodka, this may well be it.With Vodka Day upon us, it would be wrong not to raise a glass in honour of the versatile spirit.Though the origin of vodka remains a disputed honour between the Poland and Russia, there’s perhaps no country more closely associated with vodka than Russia.Because, really, that’s how you’re most likely to drink it. You’re going to need your sunglasses for all the light reflecting off this glitzy bottle.Unfortunately, many great Russian vodkas just aren’t readily available in the UK. Russian Standard Gold is made with winter wheat and is inspired by an ancient Siberian vodka recipe.It all results in a vodka that’s very fresh, clean and with something a little cotton-like, or green on the nose.To sip, it’s expansive, coating the whole of the mouth, and with a hot, dry finish.Vet Joe Inglis, who advised on the recipe, said: 'Quite possibly the biggest problem facing cats today is their owners feeding them unhealthy meals on a daily basis, resulting in obesity and many other health complications.'While this dish is indeed a special treat for felines, owners can feel safe in the knowledge that it has been specifically designed for a cat’s biology; with their health, safety and nutrition right at the forefront.'Speaking about his luxurious dish, Chef Simon Rimmer, who appears on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch, said: 'I’m used to creating recipes that will please a human palate and, despite being a cat owner myself, the first-ever fine dining dish for cats was uncharted territory for me. Whilst the luxurious £24.99 dish may sound like an extravagant and somewhat pointless feline spin on a classic human dish, Simon believes that this moggie meal is at the forefront of cat nutrition Each dish will be prepared by Simon and packaged in luxury cat-themed boxes before being sold on a first-come, first-served basis with all proceeds from the sale of the dish being donated to the RSPCA.

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