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Does she treat you differently when you bulk up for a movie?

I'm hugely narcissistic, but I dress like a homeless person. And for political reasons, I have to say Anne Hathaway.

So, I have tremendous and profound respect for women. My wife would probably pick me apart for still being irritating.

Tom Hardy and his wife Charlotte Riley reveal they are expecting their first child together as they arrive at the premiere of his new movie, Legend at London's Leicester Square on Thursday evening And the hype surrounding Tom's turn as high-profile criminals and identical twins Ronald and Reginald Kray was made apparent when he was mobbed as he left his central London hotel on Wednesday, the day before the world premiere in his native town.

Congratulations to Charlotte Riley and Tom Hardy who are expecting their first baby!

But nine times out of 10, that says more about them than you. Is it hard to leave characters like that back at the office, so to speak? You recently blamed your fiancée, calling her "a difficult woman to pin down." Is that true? The story is about a "love that destroyed everyone it touched." Is that the best kind of love? Somebody very smart once told me, "Love is doing something you don't want to do for someone you don't particularly like at that moment." That's grown-up love.

TH: I hate to be pat, but that's such a can of worms.... You got engaged in 2010 but haven't set a date yet.

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