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The organic content of fossil bones has become widely regarded as an unreliable criterion for their antiquity.Some bones that appear to be well fossilised do in fact contain considerable amounts of protein. After death the radioactive C14 is not replenished from the atmosphere. The quantity is halved after 5,570 years which is the .The of a skull or mandible is usually obtained indirectly when it comes from a deposit containing more suitable for radiocarbon dating.Either from the same site or some other area if they have been preserved under comparable conditions. Fats, protein (collagen) and the fatty composition are lost quite rapidly. Under some conditions, such as permanently frozen soil or exclusion of air and bacteria, the protein may persist for tens of thousands of years.As soon as bones are buried their composition is subject to chemical changes, some of which are slow, some fairly rapid. The appearance and texture of bone is not a reliable guide to how much organic matter it contains.

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Over the passage of time bones and teeth in permeable deposits progressively accumulate fluorine.

Mathematical translation of the C14 content of organic material gives an estimate of specimen age.

In practice the Carbon14 technique is limited to specimens 60,000 to 70,000 years of age.

The occurs absorption of CO2 by vegetation and thence by animal tissues.

Burial of bones means Carbon14 begins to decay at a known rate.

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