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She chooses her 12th birthday but finds the experience unsettling when she realises how people fail to make the most of every moment, and she returns willingly to her resting place.

Having made an historic impact with her youthful role, Scott matured quickly and this, coupled with her lack of conventional glamour, affected her subsequent movie career.

After working in repertory, she joined the Globe Theater at the Chicago World's Fair in 1934.

She received top billing in Tay Garnett's Cheers for Miss Bishop (1941), the tale of 50 years in the life of a midwestern schoolteacher.

Still, I went ahead and did the test with Bill Holden, who was already signed to co-star.

I saw the test in a projection room and I couldn't believe how well it went!

This period of Scott's film career ended with a musical farce, Hi Diddle Diddle (1943) and a lively John Wayne vehicle, In Old Oklahoma (1943).

She returned to Broadway in a revival of Our Town (1944), with the rising star Montgomery Clift playing her sweetheart.

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