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The stuff of legends, this double IPA can be a hard find, but off and on has been argued to be one of the greatest in the states.It’s named for the ancient Roman naturalist "Pliny the Elder" who first studied the hop plant.It’s brewed with flaked oats, Kona coffee and chocolate. Maybe not quite so literally, but more than enough flavor to tickle the imagination.A long time and international pub favorite, Guinness has been soothing souls with it’s rich creamy taste for generations.Careful of that first sip, you might not want to stop.The original Belgian white beer from Hoegaarden Belgium dating back to at least the 16th century.

A lot of time and precision hopping goes into this aromatic double IPA.

A malapropism is the "inappropriate" use of a word.

It is derived from the French phrase mal à propos (literally "ill-suited"). Basically if you substitute an incorrect word for a word with a similar sound, you've made a malapropism, for example: "I resemble that remark", instead of "I resent that remark".

S.—have quietly begun a revolution, pushing new extremes with the way people drink and think about beer.

From double IPA's to barrel-aged beers that soak up flavor for months, we're starting to see dedication to the craft of brewing that rivals Europe's enthusiasm for wine.

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