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During the filming, the names of the participants were kept secret, as were many details of the show.Today, CMT announced the names of the 20 bachelors -- 10 so-called "city slickers" and 10 "country" guys -- and the name of the Southern belle whose heart they are trying to win.This show really points out the differences of the south and north.Furthermore, this show pretty much sets up the preconceived notion of how southerners are, which is not actually true for all southerners.The northern women were only introduced with their job title.The categorizing of north/south women in the show is unmistakable.

You get butterflies, but it wasn’t that long of a date. Also, her relationship with her family — because that is important to me. I think I can transition into something like that easily with my skill set.He is from Birmingham, Al (the south.) This really reminds me of The Bachelor but with the added north/south stereotypes.Nonetheless, it goes farther by stereotyping the different classes of southern people. In the beginning of the show two southern women, Ashley and Mandy, were yelling at each other.It is almost thrown into your face, as if the accents aren’t enough. Is this intentional, or really how these girl’s dress?This makes me think that the producers have some kind of hand in what they want the viewers to see of the south and of the north. That was just another thing that caught my eye and made me wonder how much did the producers manipulate in this reality show.Cody is my good friend and told the producers, so they called me. Even the first day, walking into the house and moving into the house, I was like, “Gosh I hope I made the right decision.” But obviously I’m glad I did.Reese: I need to thank Cody every day for giving her that push.After narrowing the field to just two women, Sweet Home Alabama star Tribble Reese chose Tristan Smith on the season finale on Friday night (Dec. Although they risked being found out, the happy couple sneaked into CMT recently to chat about the dramatic final episode, meeting each other’s parents and what the future holds. I just wanted to know what was about to happen, what he was going to say.CMT: Tristan, did you have any idea if you were going to be the winner? It makes it look so quick on the finale, but we had to wait eight hours. No, I had no idea what was going to happen, but then you don’t ever know. Smith: I was nervous because I didn’t see the episode in the first season when his mom came on, so I didn’t know what to expect.It is the way he talked about his mom on the show all the time and the way he talked about his family and the way he was with the kids, the way he was with everybody in Clemson. We never talked about what we wanted in a relationship or anything like that. Smith: I am going back to nursing school in January, and I’ll graduate in August. Like I tell her, I don’t know where I’ll be a week from now. Only one more semester of classes and clinical, and then I will be done!

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