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As for the OP try workcover NSW (their website doesn't want to work currently) They will know what you're talking about as they are trained to deal with all that. If you haven't changed your address or contact info since getting your licence you should get a letter reminding you to renew and instructions.

The form should be called Licence to Perform High Risk Work. Otherwise go to the Worksafe/Workcover website here risk work It tells you how you can renew it.

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The forklift ticket is completely separate to a motor vehicle license.Any person who has a photograph on their HRW forklift licence and it has expired for more than one year is also unlicenced and full training and licencing will be required.HRW forklift licence holders or any other HRW license holder should be aware if you change your home address or state you should notify immediately the regulator of your state (in NSW it is Workcover) with those changes, or your renewal papers will be sent to wrong address (which usually means licence lapses) because licence holder isnt aware. Regulator (workcover/worksafe) send out renewal forms to your current on file home address, you fill them out take a passport photograph and those forms to australia post within required time frame pay the current state fee (which is in NSW) at any australian post office, regulator then sends within 3 to 6 weeks your renewed photo HRW forklift licence.Your duties will include: You will be working Monday to Friday 0700-1530 with an hourly rate of pay .61 p/hour.We are seeking applicants who have demonstrated data entry and administration experience and preferably have a background in goods inwards administration.I was told that as I have a National HR licence I don't need a forklift licence.I thought it odd, but, as I've retired anyway I couldn't be arsed to check it out.You can call Workcover NSW on 13 10 50 to get more information.I'm from Victoria but think the same process applies in NSW as it is a national licence. No, I gained my fork licence about 21 years ago, I've been driving forklifts and end loaders in various jobs on private property ever since.When the new chipped licences came in I went to MR to renew my HR licence and showed my old fork ticket.That was when I was told I didn't need one with an HR.

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