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Who you contact, which apps you use, which selfies you snap — it’s all right there.

So if you care about your privacy, it’s worth taking some simple steps to protect it. Pair Touch ID With a Complex Password If you’re already using your fingerprint to unlock your i Phone, you’re on the right track.

the 6's 1,400:1 and the 6 Plus' 1,300:1), but for a device in this price range, that isn't something to nitpick over.

As a gaming device, it's going to be future-proofed for several generations, as it runs the same Apple A8 chip found in the i Phones 6 and 6 Plus (though it is clocked a bit slower).

When the first i Pod touch launched in 2007, the i Phone was still a novelty that was out of financial reach of a large portion of consumers.

The i Pod touch served as a cheaper way to see what the fuss was all about.

It doesn't get any lighter or thinner than its predecessor (from way back in 2012), but it does hang onto the same awesome build while taking a huge step forward in raw power and camera quality.

Though some of its specs are the same as the 2012 model, this 2015 model stands head and shoulders above it as a significantly more powerful device.

But this is another area where the i Pod touch is great for little ones: it can make for an outstanding first camera for a child.

Battery life is good, but also not breaking any new ground.

It's almost surprising that Apple bothered to update the i Pod touch in 2015.

With most people already having a smartphone in their pockets, what place does a Wi-Fi only smartphone have in today's marketplace?

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