Figuring out what dating dealbreakers are

In fact, most of them were afraid of having these goals because they thought it was “unrealistic”.I understand where this hesitation is coming from; haven’t we all been afraid of going after what we really want?So, the key to enjoying a successful dating life is about FOCUSING on a clear, concise concept of your ideal man.This is a CRUCIAL part of being truly happy with the results you end up with.So THEY were the problem all along not the people they date. When I made a conscious choice to change, I found exactly what I was looking for in a partner. You’ll probably cave to your weakness, but, you will realize it right away and change direction.Don’t get me wrong, no one has the right to treat you poorly BUT people treat us how we let them. Until I realized that I was the one making all the mistakes. I became lucky in love because I stopped making the wrong choices. I needed to be hurt a few more times before I learned my lesson for good and let go of what was holding me back. Remember, there is no such thing as bad luck, just bad choices.You CAN increase your datability and chances at your very own happily ever after (just like my clients AND me!), you just have to choose to get out of your comfort zone and start thinking strategically.

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Fear of the unknown can stop someone in their tracks.You’d probably be ok with hitting everything else other than the dartboard and tell yourself, “That’s good enough”. This is the best way to avoid “missing the mark” and unconsciously date guys who aren’t a good match for you.For instance, being aware that you want someone who’s honest, reliable and consistent means you’ll actively and start attracting more potential Mr. Here’s a powerful exercise to make your relationship goals crystal clear: Think of all the ideal characteristics of your Mr. Then, I want you to make , but this time with the dealbreakers that would NOT make you want to date a man.Chances are you can cross off some of those items, or them at the very least. Right needs to be knowledgeable about pop culture or is a big book-reader like you.Is that REALLY something you need, or would you also be happy if he was, at the will make you happy will actually do the trick.For whatever reason (loneliness, stubbornness, wishful thinking, emotionally unavailable, enchanted, etc) you settle for or tolerate the wrong people. I stopped blaming others because the solution was in my hands. So make the right choices and you’ll see, you’ll get so much closer to your ultimate goal and attract the love you desire.READERS: Need some help figuring out why you seem to be unlucky in love and how to choose better?However, don’t go out and start dating the next guy just yet.After you’ve come up with your dating manifesto, you still need to do a little more soul-searching. Ask yourself: how did you pull off all those goals you set out in the past, and how did you prepare for it?The reason why I’m asking you is because everything you’ve achieved in your life . Think of a project you tackled at work or in your personal life.

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