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The Almagest was and is the authoritative source of the shapes and depictions of the original 48 constellations, including those in Stellarium.So I checked out the copy of the Almagest from the Answers in Genesis library.To fit the description of the sign, the crown would have to be atop the mother-of-all-beehive hairdos on Virgo’s head, but that’s a minor point.

However, Stellarium plots other stars in Leo, though they aren’t connected to the nine outlining Leo.

The constellation Virgo represents a virgin (a woman), though I’ve never been able to pick out the outline of a woman in the stars of Virgo (unlike some constellations, such as Orion or Leo, where I can pick out the outline of what they are supposed to represent).

During September and October each year, the sun appears in the constellation Virgo for about a month.

The claim is that Leo has nine stars, but that the addition of three naked-eye planets this year, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, brings the total to twelve stars, thus conforming to the crown with 12 stars on the woman’s head.

Leo is a considerable distance from Virgo (about 15 degrees).

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