Love dating sim 2 guide

On the date metre you have access to your dates wants.

This base score also assumes that the interaction is between the two dating sims(with the exception of the Bite Neck interaction).Effect 1 means that the relationship change for both sims will be added to the date score.Effect 2 means that the relationship change is also added but is doubled as well for the date score.This score is then altered by personality and aspiration.When an event happens, personality will adjust the score. Outgoing/Shy 10) will provide maximum points while a sim on the other extreme (e.g. How much points are added or lost depends on the personality score.This next list of interactions include object interactions, autonomous behaviors and any other event that has an impact on the date score.SIm A refers to the sim that initiated the date and Sim B refers to the sim being dated.The score for personality shows the maximum available.To achieve this, personality must have a score of 10.The main type of event that can happen is a social interaction between two sims.Every social interaction has a base score that is multiplied with the relationship score gained or lost to produce a number of points that are added to the date score.

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