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That's what we said in our five-star review, and we stand by it.In the decade since BBC i Player began, it has grown into one of the most popular ways of streaming and catching up on shows in the UK. Sign up for a BBC ID account Originally you could watch all i Player content without having an account, but the BBC announced in May 2017 that it soon will require all viewers to sign up and log in to watch any videos.2 Previously, you didn't have to pay the licence fee if you only watched on-demand content on i Player; you had to pay the annual £145.50 fee only if you were watching programmes live.But from September 2016, you need a valid TV licence to legally watch anything on i Player, live or on-demand.But you can switch to SD (standard definition) if you prefer.BBC's version of HD for laptops and smartphones is 1280 x 720 video resolution (720p for short) - which is closer to what we'd classify as HD Ready.

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You can forward or rewind the show by dragging the slider on the time bar. Programme information Right under the playback screen, you'll see plenty of useful information - episode blurb, the duration of the programme, when it first aired, how many days longer it's available on i Player - and icons for downloading, adding, buying and sharing the current show. Watch in HD Shows will now automatically start playing in HD (high definition) quality.

The i Player drops the picture down to standard quality definition when there's low bandwidth or patchy wi-fi, so you'll need a robust connection and a decent smartphone, tablet or laptop for the best HD picture quality.13.

Display options On your smartphone, i Player will automatically take up the whole screen when you press play (it orientates itself to landscape, too).

The good news is that it will still be free, and signing up for i Player gives you plenty of perks such as tailored recommendations, synced favourites lists and seamless playback across all your devices.

You will be asked for your postcode when registering, although the BBC insists it's for delivering relevant local information, and not for tracking whether or not you've paid your licence fee.

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