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She says she is now strong enough to crack a walnut with her thighs!

Strictly pro dancer Gorka Marquez is said to be dating a personal trainer behind the back of celeb contestant Gemma Atkinson.

Lovelies: Those of you who have been following me for a while know I spend too much time at the gym.* But since I work from home--and since my neighborhood is in the middle of nowhere (though I'm moving next week!

)--there are some days when I to go to the gym if I want to have any human interaction.** Anyway, last night, as I was approaching the facility, waiting for the light to change, I noticed some guy getting something out of his car.

She told She has noticed multiple benefits because of the new fitness regimen including radiant skin and hair. She took to Instagram to share her boxing video in which she is seen passionately throwing punches towards her trainer.He was only wearing a tank top and shorts but he could get away with it, despite the fact that it was bundle-up cold, because he was smokin' hot.In fact, anyone with his physique should really wear that kind of outfit all the time, in order to lift the spirits of the masses.So he told me how to do them--and got on the machine himself to demonstrate as he did, asking me to put my hand in the center of his upper back so I could upper back muscles to make sure I was doing it correctly. With perfect gleaming teeth, and an almost-perfect smile, all the more perfect for its one tiny flaw--one side of his lower lip is slightly thinner than the other, which makes him look a little shy and sheepish--adorable! (Never ever innocent--an offer of a massage.) Two trainers is probably more than enough for one lifetime. If he keeps talking to you after you've made it perfectly clear you're not going to hire him--and he talking to you--and makes a few offers to take you out for dinner--and a few months pass ... Massage, on the other hand, was a player extraordinaire--which is why I didn't do anything but kiss him, and not even that till the very last night I worked out at his gym. Nice job, picking up Baby Bar Guy.-Phillay: I think you're right--being nice and interested in someone else rarely hurts. People here are all into power--and by flattering them, you concede that they are powerful, and the game is over--they're done with you! (I'll show you doing it correctly, buster.) Then he asked if I was a dancer, saying, "I always see you stretching over in the corner--you gotta be a dancer, anyone as flexible as you are." (Uh-ho! I suppose after that, you can start to let your guard down. As with so many things, I think it depends on the*I make the most of it: I've been reading Love in the Time of Cholera and Great Expectations on the summit trainer this week, and I've been trying to memorize vocabulary words while I do the nautilus machines.**Also, exercise helps you keep depression under control.-----------------dear commenters:-Ellen: I meant have the guy help you give your friend directions to the party you're already at ... ‘Gorka goes to the gym a lot, but he’s been heading to Georgie’s gym more and more since they started hooking up and they spend a lot of time together,’ a source told The Sun on Sunday.‘He never seems to talk about Gemma though, and just flirts so obviously with Georgie.’ Thank you so much to @gorka_marquez for coming down to the studio yesterday & taking part in our evening strength class @un1t_london with myself and @harrygrenville. 📸 And thanks to @00for capturing Gorka’s pre-class nerves 😂 Keep an eye out for an epic video! Next time we train together 💪🏼 even if I did enjoy shouting at you 🤭 ____________ @bbcstrictly #un1t Fulham #legion #strength #gorkamarquez #wetrainasone #un1tlondon #preclassnerves #strictlycomedancing A post shared by Georgie Harris (@g_activept) on Fitness coach Georgie posted a pic of her and Gorka to her Instagram in early December praising the dancer.Her vegan diet includes kale juices, tofu scrambled eggs and sweet corn, pea and broad bean burgers; which is prepared by her nutritionist and chef, Mary Mattern.Ellie Goulding’s diet and work out routine has helped shape her physique, as well as gain more confidence and strength.We caught a glimpse of the blonde enjoying outings with her trainer, and they looked closer than ever.It seemed like she didn’t want to let Rich go, and they were pictured sharing a kiss in the car outside her London home.

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