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It would have been impossible to sleep with his erection poking her bottom, and the thought of waking up to find him doing it to her, was dreadful. Her ability to talk people around to her way of thinking had been well honed, in committees and business meetings. Feeling him lift the dress, she reacted by kicking backwards. 'Sit down, I'll make the coffee,' she told him, and straightened her panties then the dress. In the end she told him to get on with it, and just do it. A pair of hands wrapped around her, holding on tight, gripping her breasts. She missed, as it hadn't been a strong or determined attack. 'We can't ever do this again, you know that, Reggie. You didn't ask me, or consider me at all, you just did it. I'm a married woman, your mother's friend, for god's sake! It's my body, and I'll decide who and how someone interacts with me,' she ranted.

It wasn't Reggie, it was just the thrill of the moment that brought on the exceptional orgasms.

The angle of his cock changed inside her vagina, making her yelp, then yelp again.

That's probably why I gave in to you again,' she reluctantly admitted. Maybe it is wrong, but it's your body, and you can have pleasure if you want. They'd all been drinking too much, from being nervous over how he would look, and behave. Do the right thing, please,' she said, trying for sympathy. He figured she was in shock, and hadn't noticed his hands cupping her breasts. Well, alright, this is how it must be, I'll play along with your dirty blackmail.

They had coffee and talked about anything except their arrangement. We should cool it, as neither of us want to be found out. 'I, I, err, maybe, err, I guess I must do things, if you say so. Being put in her place was something she had never experienced.

Though letting him have sex with her was going way too far. You promised to be my obedient girl,' he reminded her. I intend to keep the bargain, I'll honour my promise. When they broke off smooching, both were breathing heavily. This wasn't going to give her the slightest pleasure.

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