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Tips: Do not merely reverse what was just said after a buzz.I.e., do not do this: "I just got out of jail" buzz "I've never been to jail." It's not very clever and doesn't advance the scene. They usually require information such as setting, conflict, pantomimed objects the actors may have to use, actors' occupations within the scene, or any other tidbits which may help build the scene.This information is usually solicited from the audience but can be generated ahead of time as well." Once the material is guessed, the rep might say, "Well, look, it's bad, it's bad, you know it, but if you beat it, you might get it working again." Tips: Make the object and its problem odd, as in the above example.Instead of a toaster, make it a toaster/VCR that cooks tapes and plays toast.For example, if one character says to another, "I just got out of the hospital," then the judge says "buzz!" the line might be changed to "I just got out of jail," and after another buzz, "I just had my legs waxed." And so on. If one character hits another, a buzz might cause him to hug the other instead.

" or briefly ring the buzzer to indicate that the most recent dialogue/action must be changed.Using no dialogue, the actor must pantomime the three suggestions to the next actor who must then pantomime it to the patsy who must then pantomime it to a final actor.The final actor must guess what the original three suggestions were, and each participant must say what they thought it was until the first actor reveals the actual suggestions.I.e., the first performance takes 3 minutes, the next 1.5 minutes, the next 45 seconds, and finally 20 seconds or less. Tips: This game works best with physical and slapstick humor.As the times decrease, it will be much funnier to the audience if the performers are falling over themselves to get to previously established marks rather than hearing them babble incoherent dialogue.aka Murder Death Kill, Chain Death, Telephone Murder Actors: 2-3, one patsy Suggestions: location, occupation, murder weapon Premise: Think of this as a game of pantomime telephone.One actor is given a location, occupation, and murder weapon.This Valentine's Day, dump the cliche cards, stale chocolates, and those ridiculous stuffed animals that make noises when you smack them, and head out to The PIT for the annual Valentine's Day PIT Dating Game. But you can bet it's going to be a fantastic night of laughing at other people and ignoring our own relationship problems!Three hot New York singles will ask outrageous questions to determine which of our hilarious PITizens will be their Valentine. Two winning couples from past PIT Dating Games have gone on to get married and have babies!! Also important for the judge: the buzzer is not a power trip. It may be funny to you, but if it does not advance the scene it will only annoy the actors, hurt the scene, and bore the audience.Limit lengthy strings of buzzes (that is, 5 or more) to once per game, if at all.

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