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With so many options available to those taking their dating lives to the web, it can be difficult to find the right fit.

When asked what makes Single Dating Diva a standout resource for singles, Suzie explains that it is “relatable, no-nonsense advice from a real person who’s been through the same things they have and ‘gets it’”.

Al FEST ci ha parlato dei veri complotti della medicina, spiegandoci che i ciarlatani sono Fumetti e scienza possono andare d'accordo?

Ne abbiamo parlato al CICAP-FEST dello scorso anno in una tavola rotonda moderata da Marco Ciardi, Storico della scienza presso l'Universit di Bologna e presidente del CICAP Toscana.

The assumption that women will drop panties at the first sound of a British accent is... And compared to some things (female genital mutilation, for example) maybe it's not.

Yes, the accent is definitely part of the (considerable) draw, but the idea of British men purposely targeting small-town American women for sex, as described in VICE's recent article "The British Are Coming: Meet the UK Lads Who Take Sex-Tourism Trips to Small-Town America," is deeply problematic. Some of you might be saying, meh, it's not a big deal.

With her lessons and practices grounded firmly in her dating golden rule, “be happily single! ) , Suzie sheds light on popular topics ranging from common modern dating dilemmas to online dating fraud, “textationships” (never getting beyond the texting/instant messaging phase), dealing with the baggage that comes from unresolved feelings towards exes, and first date conversation starters.

Except maybe this is indicative of deeper problems within our culture, one of the many problems we make it so easy to ignore because, well, that's just how it is. When we accept these statements as normal, we do a disservice to both women and men.Look, I, too, am a small town girl who appreciates a good British accent (Have I googled repeatedly "British actors reading British poetry? But I am not prey, I am not an object, I am not a cultural experience. Being a woman does not make me a lesser being, even though cultural messages sometimes want us to absorb this belief.In the world we like to pretend we live, British lads coming across the pond to seduce American women with their accents is straight out of , and if it's from a romantic-comedy routinely played on TV channels around Christmas, it must be harmless fun, right? (And yes, I do hope you were just reminded of the 1988 Eddie Murphy movie.This is a culture that can object to "Yes Means Yes" legislation, that can tell women to "follow a code of conduct" in order to prevent harassment and attack, that can reward men and punish women for the same behavior.All of which results in a culture in which person=man and woman=other.ISCRIVITI AL PODCAST Per Chi era il Grande Zirmani?Raul Cremona, in una scoppiettante conversazione con Massimo Polidoro al CICAP-FEST2017, non solo racconta limprobabile storia di questo straordinario millantatore, ma ne svela anche i trucchi pi segreti, insegnando una stupefacente galleria di giochi magici." al Venerd 16 febbraio a Roma si terr presso l'Auditorium del Ministero della Salute la presentazione del nuovo sito "Dottoremaeveroche "della Federazione Nazionale degli Ordini dei Medici ed Odontoiatri , alla cui realizzazione ha collaborato e continuer a collaborare il CICAP con i componenti del oggi online la terza puntata del podcast ufficiale del CICAP, Radio CICAP, un angolo accogliente dove ritrovarsi per trattare i temi del mondo scientifico, razionale e scettico, con il consueto rigore del Comitato, ma anche la levit di una chiacchierata fra amici.ISCRIVITI AL PODCAST Dal 16 al 18 febbraio, Firenze ospita nuovamente tourism A Salone dell Archeologia e del Turismo Culturale, una manifestazione che si svolge negli spazi prestigiosi del centralissimo Palazzo dei Congressi.Ecco cos facile stabilire che cosa naturale e che cosa non lo ?Margherita Venturi, Professoressa di Chimica Generale all'Universit di Bologna e Socio Onorario CICAP ha cercato di rispondere a questa e altre domande nel suo intervento: " sempre vero che naturale fa rima con salutare?

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