Dating jealous men

From the perspective of evolution, that man’s genes become extinct from the gene pool.Genetically speaking, this is death – his genes do not pass on, he is weeded out from a future genetic legacy.It is worth pointing out why jealousy is part of our emotional makeup…Biologically speaking, a man wouldn’t want to fall in love with a woman who cheats on him and is impregnated by another man, and then raise a child or children that are not his genetic seed.and when you do take 100% responsibility for your emotions, you open the path towards ending any and all self-induced suffering…this is true for every human on the planet, including your currently-jealous partner. you had asked if this is normal jealousy or something more.

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As with all things in relationships, the most painful areas are the ones where we feel like another person’s actions These days I have a motto about people and relationships: People will always do whatever they want. Regardless of how they feel afterwards or what they say to explain themselves, the fact remains true for all humans: People will always do whatever they want.In a relationship, it’s our greatest service to one another to compassionately guide our partner through this growth… Ultimately, all of us must grow out of, and transcend, our impulsive jealous reactions. Furthermore, in my article about toxic relationship signs, I talk about the concept of emotional responsibility.In the article, I state that the only person who be responsible for their emotions, actions, and reactions is that person and that person alone… So while I’m saying here that a good partnership involves having acceptance and compassion for where their partner is on the growth continuum of embracing complete emotional responsibility, in no way am I saying that their current inability to take total emotional responsibility somehow absolves them of the consequences.The reason I’m telling you all this is because, before I came to this realization myself, it would have been impossible for me to think about my jealousy rationally.It is nearly every man’s worst fear to be the chump of a situation.I can tell you with complete honesty that I haven’t talked to any other guys… I kept telling my boyfriend that I’m only interested in him, but he seems cold and withdrawn now.It’s like I’m being punished for a crime I didn’t commit. You could even go so far as to call jealousy a good sign in certain contexts.Most women reading about the scenario of being impregnated and then abandoned would have some powerful emotional reaction to that thought. In that same way, a man is equally horrified by the thought of raising some other man’s genetic seed.Bottom line: Jealousy is programmed into us biologically.Letting go of my own jealousy issues, insecurities, and fears was part of my own growth in relationships.In my early twenties, the thought of being cheated on was a nightmare scenario for me.

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