Dating single christian woman

Answer: There will come a time in your life when you want something to happen so bad and it just doesn’t seem to be happening. God whispered to me that he wasn’t The One, but I didn’t want to listen because ‘look God, we’re happy! Answer: Women do ourselves a disservice when we only look for Christian men at church.

You feel like you’ve tried everything: You’ve fasted, prayed, turned to your Bible, asked friends and family to pray for you and with you…and it still doesn’t happen. Just like ministry, sometimes uncovering fulfilling relationships happen outside of those four walls.

Ask yourself, do you want a long courtship before getting engaged, or a short one?

How long after you’re married do you want to start a family or do you want children at all? Who’s ultimately responsible for the household chores, child rearing and the bills?

Christian women in there 20’s, 30’s and beyond know it can be difficult searching for a mate and even harder watching friends pair off with their new loves while every single blind date, Christian mingle match and church function leaves everyone else going home frustrated.

Speaking as someone who is single, the whole dating process and “waiting” game can feel overwhelming.

The exercise was useful because it helped me clarify that the person I was dating at the time (for five long years!

) actually didn’t fit what I was truly looking for — he lacked the spiritual maturity to lead the household I desired.

Going to church and praising God is a beautiful thing.

Still, a marriage built on faith should have two partners that are caring, loving, have integrity, value accountability, encourage individuality, practice honesty and most importantly put God first.

Joi-Marie Mc Kenzie is an entertainment/lifestyle writer for

Question: How should women prepare themselves for marriage?

Answer: If a woman desires marriage, first she should know exactly what she’s looking for.

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