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It’s a sacrifice you gladly make as an entrepreneur.

Take over the guest bedroom, and add a murphy bed or pull-out couch to save room and make it a multi-functional space.Professional designers work with minimum dimensions of 60″ (150cm) by 84″ (210cm) when designing a workspace.Your desired location may not meet these minimums, but it’s important that you consider how you’ll move in the space: is there enough space to slide out the chair? If you’re a maker, and your home office is also your production space, you may need even more room.And happy workers do good work – the ROI is Airbnb HQ, via Custom Spaces Investing in yourself, via a space that inspires you, is an investment in your business.There are several ways to attack the problem: photos: Better Homes & Gardens, Digsdigs photo: build up with DIY pallet shelving, via Homedit While much of your day to day is likely organized thanks to apps, there are several tactile ideas to keep to-dos top of mind and inspire you to stay on track: photos: Inspired by Charm, Apartment Therapy photos: peg board storage ideas, via French by Design Healthy Spaces Your space mirrors what’s happening inside of you, says the Feng Shui practice, and research suggests that poor working conditions can contribute to poor health.If you’re sitting for much of the day, splurge on a good ergonomic office chair.Yellow is a great color for design types, as it stimulates creativity.Beware of each color’s negative attributes too – yellow, for example, can cause eye strain.Conversely the workspace can distract from family time once you’ve “clocked out”.Carve out a dedicated space to provide distinction between life and work.

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