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When Lucan set out to write an epic account of the civil war between Pompey and Caesar, he had a number of textual predecessors to draw on, including Caesar’s own account of that very war.And yet despite the numerous points of convergence between the two texts and despite Lucan’s own demonstrable fascination with Caesar as historical actor and historical author, the question of Lucan’s reception of Caesar remains a crucial gap in modern scholarship. In the Renaissance, for example it seems to have been unthinkable to examine the work of one without recourse to the other; and even more suggestively, many scholars of that time seem to have found within Lucan’s stridently anti-tyrannical epic a Caesarist voice.The Greek community at Puget Sound has a rich and storied tradition, dating back more than 80 years.Since then, thousands of alumni have proudly and fondly looked back on their years as a member of the Greek community as a key part of their Puget Sound experience.This dissertation focuses on the ways in which a local, specifically non-Roman Italian identity informs the works of the Roman poet Vergil in the first century BCE.Born in a region only granted Roman citizenship in the poet’s adulthood, Vergil shows a propensity for representing regional interests and identities.The American Academy in Rome awards the Rome Prize to a select group of artists and scholars, after an application process that begins in the fall of each year.

I consider the handling of skeletal remains at the time of grave reopening in inhumation - as opposed to cremation - burials in non-monumental cemeteries throughout Roman Italy from the late first to early fifth centuries CE.For example, did you know that 48% of US presidents have been Greek, 42% of current US Senators are Greek, and 30% of Fortune 500 executives are Greek?At Puget Sound, we have members of Greek organizations representing the student body on the Associated Student executive board.While emphasizing socio-cultural context, I also demonstrate that cultural metaphor and cultural symbol act in the poem as important vehicles for exploring this negotiation of identity.My dissertation uses architectural terracottas to examine the ways in which central Italian communities expressed civic identity through visual culture in the mid-to-late Republic.My project explores this long-standing question and, in doing so, I argue that Lucan both presupposes a reader intimately familiar with his predecessor’s account and marks Caesar’s text as a significant site of memory for the empire.My overarching goals are (1) to reframe the way we approach the question by looking at Caesar’s Civil Wars not only as a historical source but also as a literary model model and (2) to free such analysis of the assumption that Lucan’s reception of Caesar must be purely combative or antagonistic.The Greek community at the University of Puget Sound is founded upon the “Four Pillars” of Leadership, Scholarship, Service and Tradition.These pillars represent the commitment from each fraternity and sorority to the values of our community.Late Roman houses have been the object of numerous studies, but these have largely overlooked relationships between urban houses, their interaction with public spaces, and changes in those relationships over time.This project explores how the rise of Christianity affected urban neighborhoods and intersected with other developments related to class and elite power in this critical period.

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