Black dresses to the mid-calf and comfortable shoes, a head scarf maybe. A photograph: a hunched and frail woman in black dress and white bun shuffling up the cobblestone stairway in the rain. In the Mouraria district, I discovered an English photographer who’d taken residence there roughly eight years prior: Camilla Watson. The man has grown the long, ineffective ears of old age.

Bright housedresses on others, hair pulled into tight, white buns. Member’s Only-style jackets or fading blazers with elbow patches, thick glasses, ears grown large and ineffective. The Mouraria is a medieval-era neighborhood—one of the oldest in Lisbon—with the sinuous, narrow “roads” to prove it.

If you want to cash (or win) in large GPPs (guaranteed prize pools) you need the fantasy players that not only score a lot of points but also those that are low-owned.

Fan Duel and Draft Kings are no longer showing ownership percentages for players.

Being able to accurately project ownership in the NFL will provide a huge edge over the competition.

To help you build a winning lineup we turn to our friends at Fantasy Labs.

As part of their player models and NFL Matchups tool users can see projected player ownership.

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