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Lucas and Haley struggle to maintain their friendship as she and Nathan continue seeing each other.Haley is angry to learn that Nathan initially only came after her because he wanted to get back at Lucas but when Nathan proves her that he's not that guy anymore, she forgives him.After Nathan's girlfriend Peyton Sawyer dumps him, he and Haley start to grow closer.After many fights, including Nathan's inability to admit their growing relationship in front of his friends, they embark on a relationship together.Lafferty wurde als ältester Sohn des Bauunternehmers Jeff Lafferty und seiner Frau Angie geboren.Schon zu Grundschulzeiten wurden er und sein Bruder Stuart von einem Freund der Familie für die Schauspielerei entdeckt.

She is known for her cautious and studious ways, as well as for her talent for music and teaching.Bereits als Siebenjähriger erhielt Lafferty erste Statistenrollen in der Fernsehserie Picket Fences – Tatort Gartenzaun und in dem Film Batmans Rückkehr.Danach nahm Lafferty professionellen Schauspielunterricht und hatte mehrere Auftritte in amerikanischen Film- und Fernsehproduktionen.Haley James Scott (née Haley Bob James) is a fictional character from the CW television series One Tree Hill, portrayed by Bethany Joy Lenz.Haley is initially introduced as Lucas Scott's best friend and eventual sister-in-law, upon her marriage to Nathan Scott, in their junior year of high school.Nathan and Haley fall in love with each other; which results in their marriage and Haley losing her virginity to him.Through Lucas and Nathan, she also becomes close friends with Tree Hill High cheerleaders, Peyton Sawyer and Brooke Davis.Haley is initially hesitant when her best friend, Lucas decides to join the Ravens varsity basketball team.and instantly clashes with his half-brother Nathan, also a player on the team.Nathan and Haley struggle against various hardships while trying to realize their personal dreams of basketball and music.Her dream of being a singer almost destroys their marriage, as she leaves Nathan to go on tour with Chris Keller (Tyler Hilton), a successful rock star.

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  1. By day, she told and retold her story to writer Joe Alsop (who clutched her hand throughout her narration), family friend Chuck Spalding’s wife, Betty, and numerous others.